Alex Chance Goes ALT

Alex Chance has been a staff favourite for a long time. I’m not even sure why because I don’t think anyone from the office has had any real world contact with Alex. I have a feeling its her sweet girl-next-door face that makes you feel like you know her even when you don’t.

Alex Chance

I wouldn’t be surprised if that particular part of her look is what makes her so popular with our readers. Everyone wants to feel a connection and when you have a face that creates an instant connection that has to put you in good shape. [Read more...]

Alex Chance Tit Fucked

Alex Chance is a big tit goddess I actually found on Twitter. Its actually amazing how many beautiful pornstars I have found on Twitter it seems like the social network of choice for the top adult starts in the world. I’m not which pornstar was talking to or about Alex Chance but I followed the conversation and my jaw dropped when I saw her picture.

Alex Chance

I plan to send her a message to see if she will grant BigTitFarm an interview. I’d love to have that busty babe answer a few of our questions. Alex Chance if your reading this please contact us HERE and we car organise a Skype interview. [Read more...]