Whitney Stevens Loves Cum

Whitney Stevens loves playing with balls! Balls of any kind really. In this video she is more interested in our soccer players rod than she is his balls. I guess they do her a lot more good that the nuts that dangle under his big rod.

Whitney Stevens

Whitney Stevens Has never had a problem getting guys aroused, even when she was in school the teachers knew all about her. They knew she wasn’t a very good student but she would blow you for a passing grade. [Read more...]

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Sexy stacked slut Whitney Stevens is back and hotter than ever. Whitney Stevens has been one of our favorites for the limited amount of time she has been around. She has the softest curves I have ever seen. You don’t see perfectly round tits like Whitney has very often. Whitney Stevens has soft round globes that will make most guys drop their jaws. I don’t know about you but I would suck on those tits all night long!

Whitney Stevens

Seeing Whitney Stevens in a pearl necklace makes me laugh because I know most of the guys looking at this would love to give Whitney a pearl necklace. I’m sure the necklace I would give her would be a much larger than the one she is wearing. When you look at a picture like this the only thing that comes to mind is where you will drop your load. Would you spray down her tits or would you give her pussy a load like she has never seen before. Whitney is a regular at BigTitsRoundAsses.com and after looking at these pictures that isn’t surprising.

Whitney Stevens Deepthroat Trainning

I know we just previewed Whitney Stevens last port but I found this deep throat video with our favorite little big tit slut and I had to share it with you.

Whitney Stevens

In this video she does make multiple attempt to deep throat a fat cock. Although she doesn’t deep throat like a pro yet she is getting better. I’m sure you will all enjoy this video, I know I did. I mentioned in a post not long ago that I remember when Whitney Stevens entered adult entertainment and did softcore Playboy style shoots. [Read more...]

Busty Fuck Slut Whitney Stevens

Busty fuck slut Whitney Stevens is no stranger to get down on her knees and sucking on cock but what she is a stranger too is weapons. Of course if you count the huge guns on her chest she has been packing since she was about fourteen years old, she is an old pro. Busty Whitney Stevens looks amazing in this photo shoot, I don’t know what it is about sexy sluts posing with guns that makes me hot but ding dong.

Whitney Stevens

Look at those perfect breasts! Wow the really are a  site to behold. It looks like Whitney Stevens was in a dominant mood when these big tit pictures where taken. Would you submit to Whitney Stevens whim? Would you kneel before the big tit goddess and beg for mercy? Would you eat her pussy until she was satisfied? If you answered “Yes” to all those questions you are obssed with the big tit slut known as Whitney Stevens. Welcome to the club.

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Whitney Stevens has been around for a while and she has been fucking and sucking since the beginning of that time. I think Whitney Stevens did one softcore shoot and she ended up fucking the photographer about 20 minutes after that shoot was finished so after that they knew she was made to do hardcore porn.

Whitney Stevens

Whitney Stevens is a fantastic big tit model. She is young and tight and knows how to suck and fuck like a real pro. Well I guess she is a cock sucking pro but you know what I mean. Enjoy the whole set, I know I will. [Read more...]

Pornstar Whitney Stevens

Porn star Whitney Stevens is the real deal! This girl is smoking hot and loves to ride a fat cock. I really don’t know much about Whitney Stevens personal life but you can only assume if she has half the fun outside the studio that she has inside the studio it would be a fun ride. Many pornstars have either boyfriends or husbands. I personally can’t imagine my girlfriend or wife going off to a day at the office where she gets her pussy pounded for hours upon hours with giant cocks and dildos.

Whitney Stevens

I’m not sure how hot the sex life would be when she returned home. On the other hand if your laying in bed and Whitney Stevens walks into your bedroom with her big ole titties do you really care where her pussy has been all day or who has been stuffing their cock in your wife? I think my first thought would be get over here with those amazing tits. That might just be me.